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by (MN, United States)
“Helped my daughter when she had to take the written test . We moved from another state and needed new license. Would purchase again if moving to another state!”
by (CA, United States)
“I will recommend the dmvcheatsheets to all of my friends who have to renew their license. I passed the test receiving 100% on my test.”
by (CA, United States)
“SO glad I used the cheat sheet. It saved me so much time and the majority of the questions were on the test! I passed on the firs try. Thank you!”
by (NC, United States)
“It was a quick rundown of what i needed. I went to the DMV and it was uneventful, testing was a breeze, the sign section in particular was easier because of the materials you provided.”
by (CA, United States)
“Questions and answers shown were very helpful. The test I took at the DMV covered almost all the same material.”
by (TX, United States)
“So helpful its the best online and worth every penny!! Thank you”
by (CA, United States)
“Helpful answers to the questions on the DMV test without using the 100 page DMV booklet.”
by (TN, United States)
“This cheatsheet is just awesome,so glad I bought it, and will recommend it to others. Good Job”
by (CA, United States)
“The material received has been most helpful. I am a senior citizen and after looking over the current and newest driving laws I find the information very well displayed. Thank you for offering these cheat sheets and being able to go over the testing in the privacy of my home. ”
by (CA, United States)
“This was super helpful to study for my written test to get my permit! I only used this to study, and took my test 2 days later and passed with only getting one wrong! ”
by (CA, United States)
“Very easy and straightforward ”
by (SC, United States)
“It is very helpful and clear! I am super happy that I purchased the materials.
by (SC, United States)
“My daughter prepared with your online resource for her beginner's permit test. She passed on her first try.”
by (CA, United States)
“ WOW! I'm just feeling a whole lot of wow! I was a little reluctant to purchase these cheat sheets, but I hate
going through the whole Driver Handbook trying to guess what parts are going to be on the test. I am incredibly delighted with my purchase of these cheat sheets-actually astounded at how thorough and helpful they are. If you are not looking forward to wading through the handbook (page) (by page) (by page) you should try these cheat sheets. I'm sure glad I did! ”
by (CA, United States)
“I think everybody should purchase the dmvcheatsheets.
They are worth the monies and it is really cheap.
I am so glad that I got the dmvcheatsheets.
Thank you”
by (CA, United States)
“took the fear out of taking the test and failing....so many changes since last test I took 5 years ago. very user friendly”
by (CA, United States)
“ I would recommend using this . Helped me pass on first try . ”
by (United States)
“I got 18 of 20 questions at my exam.
by (United States)
“The dmvcheatsheets.com is much better then the DMV book. I passed the test with 100% useing the DMV Cheat Sheets.”
by (OR, United States)
“I am new to Oregon and looking for quick study guides. This is it, perfect.”