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by (TN, United States)
“My daughter was in and out of DMV, passed with flying colors, cheat sheet was worth every penny!! Thanks!!”
by (CA, United States)
“I used your services several years ago and only had three days to study before I took the test This time. I scored 100. Thanks so much.”
by (NC, United States)
“I can highly recommend this service! Not only did I pass the written test as well as regulatory/warnings/guide signs test with flying colors, I actually did not have single error.

The services provided offers not only what you need to focus your studies on, but also guides you on the reasoning behind the questions that the DMW asks.

Finally, the 122 question test that they offer as study material is so worth it. I took it until I got every single question right and it really helped me. Thanks for a great service!”
by (CA, United States)
“I need to take the written test to renew my license and found the cheat sheets helpful because I didn't know some of the changes that have been made.”
by (United States)
“Just completed my CA DL renewal process. Scored perfectly on written test.
Your "Cheatsheet" was invaluable in the prep process.”
by (MN, United States)
“Very useful. I have practice everyday and re-practice the questions I have flunked. Wish me good luck. I will take my test tomorrow!”
by (IL, United States)
“Great study guide past both car and motor cycle test with flying colors the first time . Russ”
by (MA, United States)
“I began studying on June 13 and took the permit test just three days later, having never picked up the drivers manual. I highly recommend DMV Cheat Sheets! I also recommend once you pass the practice test with 100% to not delay in taking the test. I got the first 18 correct, and boom, I passed.”
by (United States)
“I passed the written test on my first try! ”
by (CA, United States)
I have not had a written driving test for over 40 years, due to a clean driving record and then my government employment. After 70 yrs. of age, everyone must take at least the written test upon expiration of their current California Drivers License. But with the changes that have taken place, some of which I never deal with in my local area, I decided to play it safe with the DMV "Cheat Sheet" questions and practice exam. Upon finishing my 155 question practice test, I took the official DMV written test at a nearby office and scored 100%. I noticed that there were some some questions I would have missed, had I not benefited from the DMVCheatSheets.com service.”
by (VA, United States)
“My son originally did not pass his first driver's test then after the practice test and cheat sheets he did! He said the test was very helpful in making him feel confident in his abilities.”
by (United States)
“I bought the product at the last minute because I did not study much and therefore was not confident. It turns out it helped me because I passed the test!”
by (MA, United States)
“Great leason practice test ever I love it and I haven't get my permit yet but I feel like I already got it.thanks”
by (CA, United States)
“I bought this a few days before my permit test. Very helpful and unfortunately this was my second permit test but I did pass ! Thank you. Only got one wrong ! 45/46. ”
by (MO, United States)
“My son passed his test the morning after we purchased this package. He had failed his written test 2 days prior.
by (United States)
“My son read the cheat sheet the night before his learner's exam and passed with no problem. ”
by (PA, United States)
“I found it very helpful the study material was easy to understand.”
by (CA, United States)
“Easy to use and very helpful. ”
by (OR, United States)
“I don't know about the other states except
for Conn. and Oregon. Connecticut's
knowledge test was easy, but Oregon is
unbelievably difficult. This service is a
must. Good luck.”
by (United States)
“really excellent, and very helpful you get what you pay for and refunded if you dont pass . that alone is worth trying......very satisfied.”