Think You Know Your Road Rules? Think Again.

Almost every single business day, all across the United States, the traffic courts are full of drivers walking in to fight a traffic ticket. In many of these situations, the drivers didn’t even know they were breaking the law. In the article “Road Warrior: We all need a refresher course on safe driving” John Cichowski details his experience one day in a New Jersey court room where folks faced not only stiff financial penalties but also jail time. Ignorance is not a defense.

Of course, the risks are magnified when the driver is driving a vehicle with hazardous chemicals or pulling a massive rig with the ability to kill all of the occupants of any vehicle it rear ends. Commercial drivers facing manslaughter charges for mistakes at the wheel are not exactly a rarity. Manslaughter means that someone was killed without malice or evil intent. Unfortunately, drivers that drive for a living are statistically more likely to be in a wreck, and it is, therefore, more important to know the rules of the road so that commercial drivers follow all laws and avoid driving in a way that can be deemed reckless. There are many websites that cover all of the ins and outs of a vehicular manslaughter charge, and some even include examples of recent cases of commercial drivers facing vehicular manslaughter charges.

So, what can be done? Well, studying for one. Many states believe that just as a doctor or electrician must renew certifications every few years, so should commercial drivers and even drivers of a regular plain automobile.

Even if your state doesn’t force you to take the written driving exam to renew your license, it’s not a bad idea to download a free copy of your state’s latest DMV manual. Currently, there are select “hot button” topics that states are routinely updating laws to reduce roadway deaths. Hot button topics include seat belt law, child safety seat laws, distracted driving laws, move over laws, and even social issues like leaving a child or pet in a hot car.

If you just want to quiz yourself to see how much you know or discover which topics you might need to review, several sites offer online practice tests. also offers a downloadable “CheatSheet” that covers the “hot button” topics and all updated laws. For commercial drivers, a complete package of all CheatSheets is now available that covers both the General Knowledge and basics like Air Brakes, but also every single endorsement.

Driving safely requires knowing the rules of the road. At the end of the day, refreshing one’s knowledge is never a bad idea, and driving safely is always a good idea.

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