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Obtaining An Arkansas Driver’s License

To obtain an Arkansas driver’s license, you…

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must already have an intermediate license or have successfully completed Arkansas State Police testing requirements
  • No serious accident or traffic conviction within 12 months prior to making application
  • You can qualify for a regular license if you are 16 and married, in the military, or possess a
    high school diploma or GED

What is Required?

You are required to print two (2) primary documents, such as an existing driver’s license, birth certificate or INS documents or one (1) primary document and (2) secondary documents, such as a work or school id, vehicle registration, title or marriage certificate. A complete list of all documents can be found online or easily in the $CSLINK.

Transferring An Out-Of-State License

The requirements for obtaining an Arkansas drivers license or Identification Card will depend on the license you are bringing with you from the other state. At any local revenue office an out-of-state license (not expired over 31 days, suspended, or revoked) may be surrendered in exchange for an Arkansas drivers license. If the out-of-state license is expired over 31 days but less than one year, you will be required to take the written and vision examination, but will not be required to take the road examination. If the out-of-state license is expired over one year, you will be required to take the written, vision, and road examination.

If you do not have the actual out-of-state license to surrender and can not obtain one, you will be required to take both written and road tests. There is no waiting period between written and driving examinations for persons transferring from out of state.

Also, Arkansas law requires persons obtaining a license for the first time to show proof of legal presence in the United States Acceptable documents are: a U.S. birth certificate, photo military/military dependent ID, Naturalization certificate, a U.S. passport or Visa, an Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) photo document. (Border Crosser documents are not acceptable.) You must also show two forms of identification.

If name is different from what is on the Birth Certificate, applicant will bring document which changes name, Mariiage License, or Divorce decree, specifically stating that you may change your name, or court order for name change .


The cost for an original or renewed Class D Arkansas driver’s license is $20.00. There is no fee to take the written or road tests.

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