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Learners Permit Secrets: part 3

by Joshua on Jul 19, 2013.
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Once you have spent a considerable amount of time practicing on side streets, you can begin to challenge yourself to public main roads. Remember to begin accumulation as much road time as possible in order to meet the minimum hour requirements for your state. Statistics state that you must drive at least 15 minutes per day, everyday to reach the state minimum requirement of 50 hours in 6 months time. While this may be possible for some, you may want to balance out your time and have a practic... Read More

Learners Permit Secrets Part 2

by Joshua on Jul 10, 2013.
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After you have done some detailed research and understand the process of achieving your license, studied and taken some practice tests and have completed the permit test with a passing score it is time to utilize your new permit to assist in receiving your driver’s license. The learner’s permit was originally created to allow young drivers an opportunity to practice basic road safety with a supervised driver before attempting to join the millions operating motor vehicles daily. Learn more abo... Read More