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New York State Motorcycle Laws

by Joshua on Jun 06, 2014.
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h3. What Is needed to get a Motorcycle license In New York? Firstly, one must obtain an M Class or Class MJ License or Learner’s Permit, though; an individual must get a learner’s permit before they can get a "motorcycle license": . Obtaining a learner’s permit consists of passing a written test, which can be taken at a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles testing center. Passing a road test is necessary to get the actual license. ... Read More

New York FREE Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2014

by Joshua on May 16, 2014.
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In addition to offering the Class-M Motorcycle license, New York also makes a junior license available (Class MJ). In order to obtain either of these licenses, you have to have a learners permit first. The permit test is based of New York’s Motorcycle Manual, which can be found "here": Those seeking full licensure are also required to take the standard New York driver's license "test": Read More