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Applying for a California CDL - Class A License

by Joshua on Sep 08, 2014.
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The United States requires drivers to have a special kind of license, known as a Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL, in order to drive certain types of vehicles. Generally, this includes any vehicle of a large size —that is, over 26,001 pounds in Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). It is also required in order to drive specialty vehicles like tankers or large passenger vehicles. Additions to a CDL are called "endorsements": Read More

California CDL- Driver Safety Guidelines

by Joshua on Apr 28, 2014.
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People who wish to drive a commercial vehicle would need a "CDL driver’s license": . Driving safely is very much essential whether you are a CDL driver or any other class driver. A general knowledge of safe driving along with abiding the traffic rules and regulations is very essential for all CDL drivers. The candidate will have to pass the test (both written as well as behind the wheels test) on the safety information in order to obtain a CDL license. Ha... Read More