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DOV Test Questions and Answers for the Kansas DOV

by Joshua on Oct 14, 2013.
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All drivers in the state of Kansas over the age of 14 years old may begin their journey to receive a driver’s license with a learners permit. The first time a driver of any age begins the process for a drivers license and again and many stages of driving life the individual will find they are required to take the Kansas Written Drivers Test "": . This includes when renewing a current license and when asking for a license to operat... Read More

DPS Test Questions and Answers for the Utah DPS

by Joshua on Oct 11, 2013.
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Driving is serious business in the state of Utah and the Department of Public Safety has multiple procedures in place to help reduce the number of accidents on the roadways. Many residents use a motor vehicle as their primary form of transportation to and from important daily life including work, school and obligations. Each new driver receiving a license for the first time will find that there is a lot of studying involved in receiving any class of license. Test preparation is one of th... Read More

BMV Test Questions and Answers for the Indiana BMV

by Joshua on Oct 09, 2013.
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When preparing to take the written test, drivers should assure that they are well educated and understand the licensing process in order to pass. Depending on the license type and age of the new driver, it is possible to encounter the written knowledge test at several stages during the licensing process. New drivers, teen drivers and those wishing to upgrade to a different type of license may find that they are required to take the written test during the permit process and again when applyin... Read More

How to Successfully Tackle a Multiple Choice DMV Written Test

by Joshua on Oct 07, 2013.
Filed under: Commercial Driver's Licence, Driver's License, Learner's Permit, Motorcycle
Many people preparing for a visit to the DMV for business will find that they are required to take a written test during the process. This includes first time drivers whether an adult or teenager and in many states those wishing to transfer to a state license. In addition, anytime a driver wishes to receive a special license type they will find they have to take the written test in some cases when they apply for a learners permit and then again when receiving the actual license. Special licen... Read More

DMV Test Questions and Answers for the Virginia DMV

by Joshua on Oct 03, 2013.
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One of the most dreaded aspects of getting a drivers license to many people is the written test portion of the process. There are many reasons people become anxious for this test including a fear of test taking but with a little preparation and some knowledge anyone can easily pass the written test and move on to receive a license. The written knowledge tests are given to a number of people doing business with the DMV including new adult drivers, teen drivers and those residents that wish to ... Read More