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Helping Your Child to Pass the Drivers Tests: Part 2

by Joshua on Aug 16, 2013.
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Getting a first drivers license is an important time in any teenager's life as it marks a milestone in adolescence. As a part you want to assure that your child is safe when out on the roadways and this can be achieved by being a part of the testing and licensing process. In addition to assisting them in preparation for the vision exam, written tests and driving test you will also have an excellent opportunity to share wisdom and teach safe, defensive driving habits they will carry with them ... Read More

Helping Your Teen Prepare to Pass the Drivers Tests

by Joshua on Aug 14, 2013.
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Obtaining a first drivers license in an important time in a teenager's life and an exciting time for parents as their child begins the first steps towards adolescent. At the same time that is a positive and fun moment, it is also a critical chance for parents to prepare their child for safe driving practices that will carry with them in adulthood. Teen drivers account for a great percentage of the fatal accidents on roadways across the United States and this is greatly to do a lack of experie... Read More

Knowing the Differences in Commercial Licensing

by Joshua on Aug 13, 2013.
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Driving for a living can be an exciting and fun career with a more than rewarding paycheck. Just as you are required to apply for and complete an application process to receive your personal license, the same is true when you make the decision to begin a career in commercial driving. Even if you have a standard license for your state, you will still need to receive your commercial license or CDL if you wish to operate specific vehicles for a living. There are a few types of driving careers... Read More

Learners Permit Requirements and Restrictions: Part 2

by Joshua on Aug 09, 2013.
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During your critical practice time on the road with a learner’s permit, other restrictions may apply that are for your safety and that of other drivers on the roadways. Each state restriction varies so it is important that you check with your DMV office to assure that you are clear on the rules for driving with your permit. Often a violation of this probationary time can result in denial of your graduated license for a designated amount of time. Other general restrictions may include: * Pa... Read More

Learners Permit Requirements and Restrictions: Part 1

by Joshua on Aug 07, 2013.
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Starting the process for your first driver’s license can be an exciting time as you look forward to the freedom that owning a vehicle and license can provide. While this is a positive time full of new beginnings, it is also a critical opportunity to assure that you become the safe, defensive driver you need to be on the roadways. Some facts you should be familiar with: * 16 year old drivers have the highest crash rate of all aged drivers on the road * 56 % of teenagers involved in a crash... Read More