What You Do During Your First Driving Lesson

by Jim on November 02, 2022

Becoming a licensed driver is a huge milestone, and your first driving lesson is the starting point to accomplishing this objective. New drivers have a common misconception that they’ll be made to drive right off the bat.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be made to sit in the driving seat straight away as it’s standard procedure for driving instructors to take their students to a quiet road or an ideal practice location before giving them proper driving lesson prep tips.

In the sections below, we’ll discuss everything you should expect on your first day of training and what your first time behind the wheel should be like.

What To Expect On your First Driving Lesson

The prospect of sitting in the driver’s seat and driving a car can be a lot to take in at first. Mind you, it’s completely normal to feel a little anxious, as most people in the same situation often feel the same way. While it might seem like you’re out of your depths, remember that your driving instructor will be with you every step of the way, and you won’t be made to do anything complex.

1. You’ll Need Your Provisional License

Your provisional licence is a crucial part of taking your first driving lesson, and your instructor is sure to inquire about it before the lesson can commence.

Typically, your instructor should only ask you for your learner’s permit on your first day. After verifying that you’re legally allowed to drive, it’s unlikely that you’ll be asked about it during subsequent lessons.

2. You Won’t Be Asked To Drive Right Away On Your Big Day

As stated earlier, driving lessons start with instructors giving their trainees their first driving lesson tips. Therefore, there’s no reason for you to worry about driving right away. Firstly, your supervisor will drive you to a designated practice area or parking lot before teaching you the basics of driving and the purpose of each gear and control button.

3. The Cockpit Drill

The cockpit drill is a necessary aspect of your first driving lesson. It involves the instructor showing you the ideal steering position, how important it is to properly position the mirrors and other components of a car.

While the tasks included in the cockpit drill might seem mundane, it’s imperative to pay attention and remember to use whatever you learn when you eventually get your driver’s license. Although this lesson stage isn’t necessarily fun, it’s a vital part of learning to drive.

4. Your Supervisor Will Help You Settle In Before Giving You Your First Driving Lesson

There’s nothing wrong with feeling nervous on your first driving lesson, so long as you don’t let it overwhelm you. There’s an excellent chance that your driving instructor has taught people who felt slightly uneasy on their first day of practice. Therefore, he or she should be more than capable of putting your mind at ease and getting you driving worry-free in no time.

5. You’ll Be Taught The Importance Of Using The Mirrors

On your first driving lesson, your driving instructor will give you a quick run-through of each car component and show you how to use them correctly. They’ll most likely spend a lot of time emphasizing blind spot signaling, mirror use, how to change gear, and other key procedures to get you fully prepared and make sure you don’t forget.

6. You’ll Be Taught The Prepare, Observe And Move Routine

After teaching you all there is to know about driving and ensuring that you’re ready to take control of the wheels, your instructor will teach you how to prepare to drive, watch your surroundings and make sure it’s okay to drive before moving.

7. Your Driving Instructor Will Ask You To Get Behind The Wheel After Covering The Basics

There’s no need to get yourself worked up about the prospect of driving in heavy traffic on your first driving lesson, as you’ll only be doing basic maneuvers and learning how to drive safely in a quiet place.

As a learner driver, your first time behind the steering wheel can be pretty nerve-racking, although there’s nothing to worry about, as your supervisor will help you feel confident by limiting your driving speed. At the same time, you drive a few laps around a quiet residential area.

8. You Might Have To Switch Between The Passenger Seat And the Driving Seat Several Times

Good instructors realize the importance of explaining to learner drivers with words and demonstration. As such, don’t let it bother you if you’re asked to switch seats now and then.

Remember that your instructor would only do this to emphasize a point, so watch and listen carefully as they explain. There’s no better way to let the information sink in than with an actual demonstration.

9. Your Instructor Will Teach You How To Handle Driving On Different Road Conditions

Your instructor doesn’t expect you to be a wiz in your first lesson, so there’s nothing wrong with having questions. Normally, your instructor will demonstrate how to sit in a comfortable position, drive on different road conditions, and let you try for yourself.

10. Feel Free To Ask Questions After You’ve Been Offered Your First Driving Lesson Tips

If there’s any area you’re having issues with, they should be able to tell and help you out with it, and if there’s any aspect of the lesson you can’t seem to grasp, you can always ask your instructor to re-explain.

10. You’ll Receive A Personalized Report After The Lesson

After the first lesson, your instructor will send a personalized report detailing your performance which you can access online. It could be a major source of encouragement and a huge confidence booster if your performance was good.

What Happens If You Make A Mistake During The Lesson

There’s no need to be nervous on your first lesson as your instructor doesn’t expect you to master everything on the first day. Since it’s unlikely that you’ll become an expert driver right away, it’s best to learn at your own pace.

There’s no need to worry about your driving test time or about making mistakes, as your instructor has most likely seen every mistake there is to make in driving school.


Your first driving lesson will mostly involve getting the car ready and learning a few essential procedures and driving maneuvers. You’ll learn to get the steering position established, how to use gears, and clutch control, how to check blind spots, and the various car controls and what they’re meant for. You won’t have to do anything complex on the first day, so you can simply relax and go with it.

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