What Types of Services Can I Find on the Department of Motor Vehicles Website?

by Joshua on June 05, 2013

Many of us are accustomed to the usual long lines and waiting associated with the Department of Motor Vehicles offices. Anything involving the ability to operate a motor vehicle, Photo Identification, Passports and Vehicles will have to pass through the Department of Motors in your state. As technology advances however, more services are being offered online, saving you the time and hassle involved in dealing with the office. No more waiting for a number to be called, or lining up in long lines, and even having to worry about squeezing in business with the DMV on your lunch hour due to the short office hours of branches. There are many standard services now offered online, and perhaps more to come in the future.

Renewing Your Driver’s License

It is illegal to drive in any state without a valid, up to date license. So when it is time for you next renewal, utilize your Department of Motor Vehicles online services instead of rushing to make it to the branch before your license expires. To renew your driver’s license online:

  • Go to your branch’s DMV website
  • Fill out the online form. Be ready with your Social Security number, current driver’s license and insurance information while filling this out.
  • Pay any renewal fees and click on the accept button when you are done

Your new license will arrive in the mail in two to three weeks after your have finished the form and submitted it online.

Change of Address

In most states you can now file your change of address online as well. Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicle’s website and click on “change of address”. Fill out the online application with the following information:

  • Your current Driver’s license number, name and issuing state.
  • The current address on your driver’s license.
  • The new address you wish to change your license to.

In some states there is a small fee for changing your address which can be paid by credit or debit card directly on the DMV website. Once you have completed the form and paid any fees, click the accept button. Your sticker will arrive in the mail in two to three weeks.

Renewing Your State ID

This process works similar to that of your driver’s license. Simply go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles website, fill out the appropriate online form with information such as your ID number and social security card and click the submit button when you are done. Allow two to three weeks for your new state ID to come in the mail.

Renewing Your Tabs

Many states have now begun offering tab renewal services online and in kiosks at the branch location. To renew online go to your DMV branches website and click on “Renew my tabs”. Fill out the online application and be prepared to fill information about your license as well as your vehicle, your insurance information and social security number. Have your license plate number and VIN of the car on hand as well.

Many states also have kiosks located inside your branch office to complete this form as well. Follow the prompts on the screen and fill in the appropriate information. The kiosk will generate and print your tabs immediately and dispense them right at the machine.

Be sure to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles website often to watch for more services as they become available to you online in the future. You can search their database online as well for news and information regarding purposed future changes to the online system.

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