What Type of Jobs are Available with a Chauffeur’s License?

by Joshua on June 21, 2013

Perhaps you are looking for a change into a new career that offers job security and a competitive pay rate. Or if you are one who enjoys driving and would like to enter into a career field allowing you to do so without the hassles of operating a Commercial Vehicle. You may have been offered a promotion at your current position that requires you to obtain your Chauffeur’s License. Whatever your reason is for obtaining your Chauffeur’s License may be, holding this specialized license can open many career opportunities to you in fields that are showing a steady rise in the job market. Before beginning the application process, be sure that you know how to properly apply for and obtain your Chauffeur’s license and exactly what fields are awaiting you when you have completed the process.

How to obtain your Chauffeur’s License

The first step is to assure that you meet the minimum requirements to receive your Chauffeur’s license in your state. You must be over the age of 16 according to federal driving laws although your state may require an older age. Check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to assure that you meeting the age requirement. In addition, you must either have a personal license that is not expired and a good driving record or be willing to pass a skills test in addition to the other parts of the process. If you currently hold a valid driver’s license then you will simply need to pass the written knowledge test. In addition, be prepared to pay the fee to acquire your chauffeur’s license, which will vary by state. You will also take a vision test at the time of application, even if you have taken a previous test for your personal license, so if you wear contacts or glasses, be sure to bring them the day you apply.

Before taking the Chauffeur’s written test, study your local Department of Motor Vehicles handbook for this specific license. You can find this handbook at any local Department of Motor Vehicles branch in hard copy or acquire it from the website in PDF form for free. In addition to the manual there are plenty of additional sites that offer helpful tips and even some practice tests online including those found at DMVCheatsheets.com. Study the manual and online sites in detail to assure that you pass the test on your first attempt.

What Can I do with My New Chauffeur’s License?

There are many career fields that you can enter into once you have completed the steps through your Department of Motor Vehicles branch and obtained your Chauffeur’s License. Many companies that employee people with this license may also require a certain amount of road time before they will hire you, so be sure to find out before you place your application with any particular company what they require. On the other hand, some companies will pay your training and the fees associated with receiving your Chauffeur’s License. It is important to place your application with as many companies in the field of your choice as possible to assure that you being working in your desired field as soon as possible. Some of these rewarding and secure positions may include:

  • Public Transportation such as the local Public Bus system
  • Driving a school bus either on a regular route, or as a part-time employee for field trips and off-campus events
  • Tour bus companies may hire you for guided tours
  • Taxi Cab driving both for a company and as a private driver, making you technically a business owner
  • Limousine driving for a company or on your own with a privately purchased vehicle
  • Beginning your own transportation company
  • Any time you are operating a vehicle over the weight of 10,000 pounds or more with the intent of carrying passengers
  • Any time you are operating a vehicle over the weight of 16,000 pounds or more with the intention of carrying property

In these fields you will find not just job security but also a very competitive salary in many cases. For example, the average salary of a public transportation worker in the field of public transportation such as the local bus routes, make between 19 to 20 dollars per hour. In some states, this increases to as much as 26.50 per hour after clocking over 720 hours of driving time with the company. The average limousine driver makes between 25,000 and 37,000 dollars per year depending on the company and type of driving they require. This can prove to be steady work if you are hired privately to transport a specific person or company employees to and from daily business needs. Taxi cab drivers have the option to work for a company or to lease their own vehicle and be their own boss. Salaries can range from as low as 8 to 9 dollars an hour or as high as 27 dollars per hour in some cases. Due to the risk involved in many transportation positions, many companies offer great medical benefits in addition to higher pay. As more people begin to use public transportation as an alternative to driving, this field is showing a steady increase in the job market so it is a wise financial decision to pursue your Chauffeur’s license.

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