What to Do if You Get a Ticket in New jersey

by Joshua on April 03, 2014
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The US is a nation where people love to drive. Although in some places the public transportation is pretty impressive, people still prefer to ride their own car. With driving comes the risk of bearing huge fines for the tickets when you do not follow the traffic rules. Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are to be corrected and not allowed to repeat many times. One who is well versed with traffic rules not necessarily can be exempt from getting a ticket in New Jersey . People, who are always cautiously following every traffic rule thoroughly, can save themselves from getting a traffic ticket. Speedy driving, not following traffic rules, accidents, violating signals, etc are some of the common reasons why people get traffic ticket in New Jersey. On a lighter note, traffic tickets are a billion dollar business one can easily make profit as the fines start from a minimum of $100.

Ticket Penalties

Infractions and violations are 2 main traffic offenses where infractions are minor mistakes which can be forgiven by paying off the fines. Violations are more serious and sometimes may be jailed depending upon how severe is the impact caused by violating the traffic rules. Some of the traffic violations include DUI, rash driving, not stopping at the accident, driving without auto insurance, etc. If any of the traffic violations cause injury or damage to someone’s property, it is considered as more serious offense. The ticket might have a citation which states that you must be in court sometimes if your violation is severe.

New Jersey DMV

The Department of Motor vehicles New Jersey has been actively tracking and revising the traffic rules whenever they think it is appropriate. They take the responsibility of issuing your driver’s license to various vehicle categories, verify your legal presence, renew your existing licenses, provide free handbook for practicing written tests and getting to know various DMV rules and services, conduct eye examination, take head shot pictures of the candidates wanting to apply for license, and conduct behind the wheels driving test.

Things to do when you get a ticket in New Jersey

  • At the initial state many drivers would prefer to plead guilty and pay their fines promptly and find more appealing than trying to prove themselves as innocent in the court later.
  • Next stage would be trying to get the ticket dismissed. Sometimes you might think you are not at all guilty and there has been some misunderstanding with your case by the traffic police and by mistake he would have given you a ticket. In that case you can try to win the case by contesting the ticket. New Jersey courts will not dismiss the tickets if you attend if you are attending or have previously attended the defensive driving course.
  • In case you get a ticket for your CDL license , it is up to you to decide whether you want to plead guilty or not guilty and also notify your employer in 30 days in case you are convicted. The overall process is almost the same as that mentioned before for the regular drivers. However, if the CDL drivers violate the traffic rules, they might suffer much severe infractions or penalties or even both.
  • You can even ask the traffic attorney for any questions you may have regarding your case. When you visit the court, the prosecutor might offer you a deal, check it out if it is advantageous to you and accept the offer.
  • If you are younger than 21 years of age and are convicted or get a DUI ticket, then your license will be suspended for 30-90 days or you may have to work in the community service for 15-90 days and participate in the alcohol education and highway safety programs. In such cases you may have to abide by the rules mentioned in the ticket in order to suffer from further complications.
  • If you can’t beat the traffic tickets, then make sure that a minimum damage is caused to your financial conditions.
  • Attend driver improvement programs mentioned below to avoid any further tickets. Defensive driving program can help you reduce driving record points or even attend improvement courses.

Ticket Cost and Driver Improvement Programs

The ticket cost as well as court cost are almost the same throughout New Jersey and vary by violation. Surcharges can be paid online or by money order, over the phone or by visiting your nearest MVC regional service center. DUI charges might even consist of jail, license dismissal, ignition lock systems, community service, alcohol or drug screening etc. Based on DUI surcharges, the cost may vary between $250-$400 fine, $3,000 for 3 years, $100 drunk driving fund fee and $75 neighborhood fee.

Probationary driver program (PDP) and driver improvement programs (DIP) cost $160. In case you have 12 or more points, then the court might offer DIP along with suspending your license. If you are convicted to 2 or more violations with 4 or more points, PDP is given to the convicted.

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