Thanksgiving Traffic Report: Top Forecasts Around the U.S.

Thanksgiving 2015 is upon us. If you are like an estimated 42 million Americans this year, you’ll be traveling in a car at some point over the long holiday weekend. AAA forecast predicts more drivers and lower gas prices than in recent past years. This year, low gas prices mean even more will be traveling. All forecasts are for heavier traffic and longer driving times.

Biggest time-saving recommendation: If you can avoid driving on Wednesday, do it! Of course, data over recent years suggests traffic patterns are changing, possibly because of the mass effort to avoid the Wednesday Traffic Fun Day. Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination Program and the University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory have completed research that shows traffic is spreading out and point to Tuesday before Thanksgiving being the heaviest traffic day.

USA Today reviewed historical traffic data and concluded that BOTH Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving are monster traffic days and that the smart traveler will hit the road the weekend before or early Thursday morning.

For those who absolutely must hit the road on Wednesday, INRIX completed a chart with top cities for worst Thanksgiving traffic and the times when traffic will be at its peak on Wednesday:

The Weather Channel published their “Top10 ways to beat Thanksgiving traffic.” Check out the report for a full list of time-saving and safe driving pointers. Spoiler alert: Have an adult passenger to assist with traffic apps and maps, and to take over driving if the driver becomes drowsy.

Online chat boards also seem to be heating up with discussions about the best travel strategies. recently did an article comprised almost solely of snaps of chats from the online board. Check out discussion boards from your local newspapers and ask questions or, if you are the travel expert, answer your neighbors questions.

No matter if you are driving or not, we at wish you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

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