Secrets to Passing the DMV Test: Part 3

Once you have completed some initial practice being the wheel on your neighborhood side streets, it is time to begin practicing on main streets. For a new driver the main roads can seem a little intimating at first but not worry, if you have practiced and studied the rules than you will fair just fine. As you may or may not be aware, depending on the time of day in which you are driving you will find a unique set of dangerous and challenges to be aware of. It is essential that you spend some time practicing on the road at different times during the day to assure you have well-rounded practice and are ready for anything on your road test.

General Road Tips for Safety

Regardless of the time of day you are on the road, there are some safe driving practices you must keep in mind at all times. Remember, the other driver’s on the road cannot anticipate your every move so in order to avoid an accident be aware of other vehicles around you. In addition, keep these tips in mind for your first experience on the main roads:

  • When turning into traffic from a side street, be sure to leave plenty of time for the turn. Do not jump out into oncoming traffic; wait for a good clearing before making your move.
  • Use your turn signals whenever you are planning to turn or change lanes. This will signal other drivers of your intentions and assist in avoiding an accident.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to allow for enough stopping time in an emergency.
  • Follow all traffic signals and signs and obey the speed limit at all times.
  • Be aware of your blind spot, which is just beyond your mirrors site on the left side of your vehicle. Physically check with a quick turn of your head before changing into left lanes.

It is important to obtain a well-rounded amount of driver’s training before your test, so be sure to complete as many left and right turns as possible. Practice using your signals to change lanes and turn into driveways from main streets. Alternate the times of day you are on the road as well, to assure you are familiar with several types of traffic you may encounter. It is wise to use this time while learning to form safe driving habits that will remain with you for the rest of your life. Use the following checklist to assure you have well rounded training:

  • Spend at least two times on the road during peak rush hour times which typically are between 7am and 9am and again at 4pm to 6pm during the weekdays. This is when most commuters are headed to and from work and can present many challenges you wont find at any other time of day.
  • Drive at least once during adverse weather. Regardless of where you live, there is some form of adverse weather in your area. It is impossible to know what the weather will be like the day of your final test so it makes sense to be ready for anything.
  • Night driving is required for your driver’s training hours for good reason. There are far more hazards to be aware of at night so gain as much time on the road as you can after dusk.

The written Final Driver’s Test

You’ve complete every step so far with ease, obtaining your learner’s permit and practicing on the road and now its time to begin the testing for you driver’s license. Many people fail the final skills test the first and sometimes second time they take it, and this is mainly due to a lack of preparation and planning ahead. So follow these steps to assure that you will pass your test on the first try and avoid delays:

  • Study. Even though you passed your permit test and have been driving on the road awhile, studying the night before can increase your chances of passing. You can use your states drivers’ manual or an excellence source online such as where you will find helpful tips and tricks as well as practice tests.
  • Get a good night sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. It is important to be alert and in tip top shape before taking this test so treat it like any other exam and be mentally prepared.
  • Avoid distractions while testing. Shut off your cell phone and keep anyone that has accompanied you to the test at bay. Most branch offices have separate areas for testing and require you to turn your phone on silent but this is for good reason.
  • Go with your gut. After practicing on the road and studying ahead of time, it is not wise to second guess yourself during testing.

The test is in multiple choice forms and will be similar to your permit test with questions take directly from the driver’s manual for your state. Answer all the questions to the best of your ability and re-read your test over to assure you have not left any questions blank. Do not be intimated by the test, remember if you fail you are able to retake the test as many times as you need until you finally pass.

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