Required Documents for Taking your Arizona Drivers Tests

by Joshua on July 29, 2013

Whenever you are applying at your local Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles office for any type of license, there will be several steps you must take during the process in order to reach your goal of operating a motor vehicle. Many people visit the DMV every day to receive their first driver’s license, learners permit or to upgrade to a new license such as the Commercial Drivers License to earn a living behind the wheel. Each new license has a specific procedure that you must follow if you wish to be approved for a license, and this is includes testing and providing the correct documents to the state.

Required Documents for the Written Test

After you have submitted your application and required license fees, you will be allowed to take the written test three times before you must restart the process, so it is important to be well prepared in advance. You can ready yourself for testing by studying the cheat sheets and practice tests available at available here on However before you can begin testing you must submit the required documentation to the DMV clerk showing that you are a US citizen or have legal presence in the United States, and that you are currently a resident of Arizona. In addition, you must present proof of identity showing your full legal name. It is essential that you bring the proper documentation or you may be turned away for using non-approved forms of proof. Use the following forms of proper identification in order to avoid an extra trip to the DMV to restart the application process:

Two Required documents proving your identity

Of these listed, you must present either two documents when one provides photo identification, or three if no photo is available. Proper forms of identification from the primary list include:

  • Your current license issued by any other state in the US
  • A birth certificate listing your full legal name. This can be issued by the state of Arizona or any other state. The birth certificate must be an original copy. A birth certificate from another country or delayed certificate will also be accepted.
  • Your US passport or foreign passport if it includes a US visa or waiver or an admissions stamp. You may also use an I-94 form, permanent resident or resident alien card. In some cases, a USCIS employment authorization may also be accepted.
  • A current Arizona ID card or record of a previously held Arizona driver’s license, state ID or learners permit
  • If you are of American Indian decent, you may use your tribal affidavit of birth or certificate of blood.
  • A Refugee travel document, US certificate of Naturalization or certificate of citizenship
  • If you are a member of the US military you may use your US Military DD-214 or Military Card regardless of whether you are active, reserve or retired.
  • An Affidavit of Identification issued from the Arizona Department of Corrections may be used if it contains a photograph and is within the 15 day issuance deadline. If you have a Released Offender ID from the Department of Corrections you may submit this as proof of identity as well.
  • If residing in Maricopa county, the Sheriffs Office may also issue you an ALPHA program/Community Re-entry ID which will supplement as proof as well as an Affidavit of Identification with photo from the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department.

The secondary category for proof of identification does not need to show your birth date, and can be one of the following. A document can only be used once per category so you must bring two forms of identification.

  • Drivers license, ID or Instructional permit issued from anywhere in the US
  • Your Arizona Birth Certificate or Social Security Card
  • Those in the military may also show an Armed Forces Drivers License, and dependents of military members may present their US Military Dependent ID card as secondary proof. A Veterans Affairs card will also be accepted.
  • You Inmate ID card issued by the US Department of Justice
  • A Vehicle record or Clearance Letter within 30 days of its issuance
  • Legal Guardian Certificate
  • Selective Services Card or a Concealed Weapons Permit
  • Your most recent W-2 form, bank card, credit card or medical ID card
  • If you hold a professional license in Arizona it may be used as identification
  • An employee ID badge or school ID may be used if it contains a photograph
  • A marriage certificate issued by any state or certified letter of identification for a ward of the court

In addition you may use any decree issued by a US court as identification including those issued for adoption, bankruptcy, divorce, emancipation and name change.

Additional Testing Document Requirements

In addition to proving your identity, you are required by law to present your Social Security card before you can take the written test, as well be a resident in Arizona. You are required to apply for a state driver’s license if:

  • Work in the state of Arizona, except for those working within the state on a seasonal basis or if you have a business that is located within the state
  • Are a registered voter
  • If you have a child in a school in Arizona but are not paying out-of-state fees
  • If you intend to stay in the state for 7 months per year or more
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