Obtaining CDL- Endorsement X Bundle (Tanker and Haz Mat)

by Joshua on February 28, 2014

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) as it is most commonly called, is a license granted by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of any state to the candidates interested in driving trucks or buses. Besides providing excellent opportunity to become a commercial driver, CDL also allows the commercial drivers to apply for specific endorsements like school driver, or hazardous vehicle driving or tanker driver. If a CDL driver is interested in driving tank vehicle that is used to carry any liquid gas in tanks of 1,000 gallons or more, then it is essential to obtain a Tanker and Haz Mat (‘X’) endorsement on your CDL License.

Department of Motor Vehicles

Every state is facilitated with more than 1 DMV which is associated with each county. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a private organization which aims to issue drivers license to aspiring candidates along with providing other services like eye tests, conducting written tests, taking photographs, validating the legal authorization paperwork, conducting behind the wheels driving test, address change, renewing the drivers license, educating people about the rules of DMV and traffic rules, safe driving tips etc, providing pamphlets and DMV manuals for new visitors, and many more. DMV also takes the responsibility of making sure that everyone is aware of the Federal regulations and rules before they get their license. You can visit DMV here and get to know how to process your license smoothly and quickly.

Who is supposed to have X Endorsement?

CDL –X is a combination of endorsement mainly for tanker vehicles and Hazardous materials. As tankers are mainly used for transporting hazardous materials, it makes logically correct to include both of these in a single endorsement as per the DMV rules. However, when obtaining a CDL with X endorsement, the drivers will have to clear the knowledge and skills test for tanker as well as hazardous materials before getting an X endorsement on their CDL.


In order to be eligible to apply for a CDL with X endorsement one has to follow the below rules:

  • A CDL driver should be minimum 18 years of age in order to apply for the endorsement.
  • He should have a valid USA passport or a valid residential status.
  • If the CDL is from another state, then he should first surrender the CDL and apply a new one for this state.
  • If the driver doesn’t have a CDL at all, it is his first and foremost duty to apply and get a valid CDL before applying for the X endorsement.
  • The candidate should clear the eye exam.
  • Carry the documents including date of birth, place of birth, proof of legal presence, Social Security Number, etc.
  • Submit the application forms and apply for the written test in case you are applying freshly.

Process to obtain CDL with ‘X’ endorsement

  • Prior to getting an ‘X’ endorsement, a candidate should have a valid CDL for that state. If the CDL is from another state, it should be cancelled first and a new CDL for this state has to be applied. If you do not have a CDL at all, check out this link and apply for a new CDL. Once you have a valid CDL then you will be eligible to apply for the endorsement.
  • Make sure you pay the necessary fees, take your head shot picture at the DMV counter and clear the eye test. People with poor vision are straight away disqualified.
  • The candidate will have to clear each of the tanker and hazardous material test separately before getting an X endorsement. User must hold a Commercial Class B or Class A type license to add a Tank Vehicle Endorsement. You must be able to clear the knowledge test and pay the necessary fee and add the tanker endorsement which is valid until you have a valid CDL.
  • It is a highly responsible task to apply for the HazMat endorsement and one should be physically as well as mentally prepared for it. On the other hand, you should also be able to clear HME knowledge test and apply for the Hazardous material endorsement. If you already have an HME or no longer need one, or you do not qualify for applying an HME, you should clearly specify it in the forms you are submitting to the DMV.

It is mandatory to fill out Security Threat Assessment application and submit it to the DMV before they proceed further. Besides this, the candidate owning a valid CDL as well as tanker endorsement should be able to give his/her finger prints at any authorized place, it could be either DMV or any place that your DMV would suggest you to go. Also, the candidate should be able to produce minimum of 2 ID proofs such as your Commercial Driver’s license and Medical Insurance card or passport.

If you were not able to clear the test, you will be sent back to try after a couple of days.

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