Minnesota CDL Truck Road Test & Testing: Class A Leasing

by Joshua on May 05, 2014

In order to obtain a CDL driver’s license in the state of Minnesota it is necessary the appropriate type of license be obtained. The CDL, or Commercial driver’s License , is needed by anyone who plans to operate a vehicle for business use, or a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds, whether their own or for another company. Much like the regular driver’s license, in order to obtain a CDL there must be several tests passed to ensure that you can efficiently operate this type of vehicle. There are a few different classes of CDL endorsements available, depending upon the type of commercial vehicle that you will be driving. Each of those tests requires that you take special written and road tests to prove your abilities.

Knowledge Test for your CDL

The Knowledge Test is the first portion of the driving test. It is divided into three different sections – Parts, pre-Inspection, Basic control Skills and the road test.

  • The written portion of the exam consists of multiple choice questions and you must select the answer that you believe to be accurate. The test is timed, so you have only a certain amount of time in which to complete it.
  • The pre-trip inspection portion of the exam is there to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive. You will need to point out several different components of the vehicle to the driving examiner during this portion of the exam. This is an important part of the exam since you need to understand how to take control of the vehicle.
  • Your road test is also important, and more so than the other portions of the test. With your road test an examiner sits in the passenger seat and directs you through a course, observing your driving and ensuring that you are meeting all of the traffic laws in place. The examiner will also give out specific instructions during the test, and those must be followed accordingly as well.

In addition to the above tests a medical exam is required before the license can be obtained. A doctor will need to perform aphysical to ensure that you have no medical conditions which will prohibt you from driving a commercial physical, and that you are in the best health.
Once you go into the drivers testing center to take the tests you will also be required to take a vision test. You may wear glasses or contact lenses for this test if you require them for clear vision.
You must have a valid driver’s license in order to obtain a CDL in the state of Minnesota . A six-month permit is given to those who successfully pass all of the required testing for the license. The license is non-renewable and during the time period all of the appropraite testing must be performed to obtain a non-restricted CDL.
Keep in mind there are fees asscoiated with obtainin gboth the permitas well as the regular CDL licenes. These fees are non-refundable even if you do not pass the tests that are required. Fees are payable at the time of testing.

Learning How to Drive a Commercial Vehicle

The state of Minnestoa deos not require that a driver wishing to obtain a CDL driver’s license attend driving classes, however there are numerous truck driving schools throughout the area that can teach an individual the ropes of driving a big truck. It is nothing like driivng a car, and without the skills learned through one of these schools it is unlikey you will be able to successfully drive a commercial vehicle of that size.
Class A Leasing makes it easy to learn how to drive a big truck so that getting your CDL is a breeze. They offer a number of affordable chioces for your training needs. Thousands of successful graduates have went on to earn their CDL license and are now enjoying all of the persk that can come along with it. You should too.

Applying for your Commercial Drivers license

Applying for your commercial driver’s license can be done at any Driver’s license Office or Driver and vehicle Services exam station. An appoitment may be required, so check in advance. Be sure that you have all of the items on hand that you need to obtain this special lciense. This includes your current valid drivers license, a social security card and proof of address. Keep in mind you must be at least 21 to obtain a CDL.
Before you go make sure that you have studies for the road test and the written skills tests both. These are very imporant and yu’re not going to be granted a license if you cannot pass them. Study as much as possible, and ensure that you are truck driver training with the best, and that is Class a leasing.

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