Massachusetts CDL Commercial Endorsement P Exam

by Joshua on October 09, 2014

In order to obtain a Massachusetts CDL – Endorsement P , you must be twenty-one years old and not had your driver’s license revoked by the Massachusetts RMV. You also need to try for your out-of-state transportation Commercial Driver’s License permit, which will cover all states. You can also do this by going to the RMV Office.

If you are at least the age of 18 and haven’t had your driver’s license revoked, you can apply for an intrastate transportation CDL permit at the RMV office. This will qualify you to drive within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts CDL – Requirements

There are several documents are required in order to obtains a Massachusetts CDL – Endorsement P (Passenger). If in case you don’t carry a current Massachusetts driver’s license when you apply for this specific license, you must adhere to the following requirement:

  • At least EIGHTEEN years old
  • Documents for proof of age
  • Documents that prove your signature
  • Documents that prove your Massachusetts residency

Remember, no photocopies are accepted.

By Federal law, all commercial drivers must have their government ID number, which has to be verified by the SSA. This is done in order to adequately verify his or her status of driving in jurisdictions other than Massachusetts .

The RMV must approve your medical certificate in order for drivers to operate commercial vehicles over ten thousand pounds. Furthermore, drivers who are either carrying hazardous material or transporting fifteen-plus passengers must carry a RMV health card.

You must first complete the test for your permit before getting your CDL License. In order to receive your CDL Permit, you must complete a CDL Application. You can find this at your local RMV office. You can also download the forms from the official government website. Upon return of the CDL Permit Form, you present said-form, valid identification, and $30.00 for your written test fee. The cost for any test taken concurrently will be ten dollars. If you were to take a Commercial Driver’s License quiz for your Endorsement after being issued your license or permit, your cost would be thirty dollars with $10.00 for any additional tests. Also, the road test fee will cost your $20.00.

Road Test Requirements

Speaking of the Road Test, there are several requirements you need to bring before taking this test:

  • Finish your Commercial Driver’s License application for license
  • An up-to-date Permit
  • Current DL
  • A medical waiver or medical card to drive
  • You must have a sponsor who is qualified
  • A vehicle that meets D.O.T. standards plus car insurance
  • Your vehicle’s paperwork

Your vehicle must adhere to the Department of Transportation standards. Once this vehicle is properly equipped, you must have your car insured with a valid inspection sticker and legal registration.

If you are taking a road test, you must bring your sponsor with you in case of any circumstances regarding testing. This for your safety and the tester’s as well. When taking your road test, please be sure to bring all necessary equipment in order to drive correctly and safely. Also, be sure to bring your corrective lenses if you are required to wear them as well as any hearing aids that you may or may not be prescribed. By doing so, you will be free from any liability that may happen if you were to be involved in an accident during your road test.

In order to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, you must pass your road test before your permit expires. Upon receiving your Commercial Driver’s License, please bring the stamped and signed permit to the RMV Office. This can either be completed during your time at the RMV or by business mail that may take up to ten to fifteen business days (no weekends).

Upgrading to the P Endorsement (Passenger)

If you want to upgrade to a Commercial Driver’s License , you will have to pass the written test. You will also be able to obtain The P Endorsement (Passenger). You are not required to take the road test for an upgrade. But if the P Endorsement requires a road test, it must be taken. For the P Endorsement, you will have to take both the written and road tests.

If a customer wanted to apply for CDL out-of-state transfer, they may do so by applying for the P Endorsement. This is due to federal laws and requirements. Once you complete these requirements, your application will be properly processed and completed within ten to fifteen business days.

For more information or concerns about getting your Massachusetts": Commercial Driver’s License P Endorsement, please visit the official state website at You can also follow the RMV Commercial Driver’s License Manual (located on the site) for more detailed information.

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