Illinois 2014 SOS Road Signs and Signals Practice Test

by Joshua on June 17, 2014

Obtaining your license varies from state to state. Those interested in securing an Illinois driver-license should visit the closest Illinois DMV and bring the proper documentation as well. If you are less than 18 years of age, you should complete the Illinois GDL program first.

Even if you are planning on driving a non-commercial vehicle, commercial vehicle, or motorcycle, you are still required to carry a valid Illinois license. You may be required to earn different types of licenses for different types of vehicle permits, as well as your basic Class D license.

What You Need To Know About Driving In The State Of Illinois

To obtain your driver-license in the state of Illinois , you must be at least 18 years of age or older. There are exceptions, however, which exclude any 16 or 17 year old teen applicant who has completed a driver-education course and has at least 50 hours of practice-driving. They must also have all 3 parts of the exam completed, including the vision exam, the written exam, and the driving-skills exam. To obtain your license, you will need to pass several questions pertaining to the rules of the road. This is provided by the state of Illinois as a practice guide.

To pass the Illinois State Written Exam You Should (Including Road Signs and Signals)

Become familiar with Illinois state driving-related laws. You will need to know the different types of traffic signs (even if they don’t apply to the particular license you are applying for). Each of these rules can be found the in the Rules of the Road PDF . This test can be rather tricky, if you have not properly studied for it. Even after reviewing the Rules of the Road, you should take a practice exam before applying to take the real test.

You will be required to know about different pavement-markings, traffic-signs and road signals, as well as all of the basic road rules before taking your written exam. This will ensure your success. As long as you don’t receive any traffic violation convictions, you will only be required to take this written exam every 8 year.

Who Should Take The Illinois State Driving Exam?

The driving exam will be required for anyone who has never held a license in the state of Illinois prior to your current situation, or for anyone who is over the age of 75. If you have accumulated any traffic violations on your driving record, you will also be required to re-take the driving test.

Illinois 2014 SOS Road Signs and Signals Practice Test Questions (With Answers At Bottom Of Page)

1. Which equilateral yellow sign do you typically see with black, red, and white warning symbols?

A. Children will be crossing here
B. There is a bus stop ahead — proceed with caution
C. There is a yield sign ahead that may be hidden
D. Use caution around the winding roadway ahead

2. Which road sign is red, white, and has 8 sides?

A. A yield sign
B. A no parking anytime sign
C. Represents a 4-way stop sign
D. A stop sign requiring you to come to a complete stop before proceeding

3. If a sign says NO TURNS, you can only turn if:

A. You are in a van or a bus (public transportation included)
B. You need to merge to the right anyway
C. You can only make U-turns when you see this sign
D. You cannot make any turns and must remain driving in the same direction

4. A equilateral yellow sign that has an arrow curving towards the right means:

A. There is no shoulder on the right-hand side of the road ahead
B. You must make a right-hand turn ahead
C. You cannot turn to the right
D. There is a sharp curve to the right ahead — proceed with cautious speeds

5. A greenish yellow equilateral triangle-sign with red and black symbols indicates:

A. This sign indicates a train stops ahead
B. This sign indicates a public transportation stop ahead
C. This sign indicates a school bus stop ahead
D. This sign indicates a pick up spot for individuals who receive Government assistance

Taking an Illinois traffic-signs practice test, you are helping to secure your chances of passing the first time you take the test. These are some actual questions you may encounter when you take the exam. When you have finished answering the questions, check your answers using the answer key below. You can identify just how much you know (or don’t know) and make improvements where they are needed. This will significantly improve your odds of passing the real exam, so you are able to obtain your full Illinois driver-license.

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