Getting Your Long Awaited Driver's License

by Joshua on December 03, 2013

At last the long awaited day has come, maybe you have been counting down the days since you earned your first permit or maybe you waited until you were an adult, however you started your finally here, getting ready to get a drivers license. Achieving a driver’s license is an age old rite of passage in our society and is often equated with being a full fledged adult. Each state across America has different requirements and test that you must successfully pass to be able to become a licensed driver. If you had a learners permit or license or an intermediate license then you should be familiar with many of these and have probably been preparing to obtain your license for quite some time.

Preparation for obtaining your official drivers license can be long and arduous, with long manuals to study and many test answers to ponder. Luckily nowadays we have the internet to help simplify that important task. has all the essential tools you need to learn the important content and you can even use practice tests as well as cheat sheets to ensure you are learning the material unlike the process of reading the hundred page manuals from front to back.

Applying For Your Drivers License

Acquiring your driver’s license is one of the most fun and memorable parts of transitioning to young adulthood but to do so there are a few steps you must take before hand. First you must check into what the requirements are for applying for a driver’s license within your state as most states require that if you are under a certain age typically 25 that you must have completed an approved driver’s education course. Most states require you held your learners permit for a certain amount of time and that you received no moving violations during these periods.

To apply for license every state has specific documents they need you to bring in for verification. These can include social security cards, passports, birth certificated or any other form of documentation that proves your identity and residency. Next you must ensure that you have studied and practiced for your written exam and your road skills test. These tests are designed to test your knowledge of safety and traffic regulations, road signs, motor vehicle operation and what to do during emergency situations that can arise on the road. You may have taken a permit test in the past when you attended driver’s education or applied for your learners permit or license but years can pass between that time and getting your official drivers license. Make sure you have reviewed the material as much as possible and asked question about anything you are unsure about.

There is also a variety of methods and tools to help you study and master the content on any driver’s license test for any state— you can find a variety of packages with practice tests here in endless combinations and answer sheets so you can confidently study knowing you can find the answer immediately. The knowledge test length varies in each state but is between 30-50 multiple choice questions, many of which are basic knowledge and questions designed to trick you if you are not completely sure of the answer. Most DMV offices have converted to computerize testing, so if you were previously practicing on the computer this can be of additional help. You can still however request a paper copy of the test in most states testing facilities.

After the written knowledge test you will have to complete a road test, in some states this can be done with your driver’s education school just as your permit test can be. In most cases you need to call ahead to schedule your road test or come back another day to complete it. All in all you should be prepared to spend 2 to 2.5 hours testing alone, and any amount of time waiting. If you want to test in your own car, which can lead to a faster and more comfortable testing situation, you will need to provide the current insurance and registration information and make sure your car can pass an inspection from a DMV official. The road test consists of the applicant driving around the local area with a DMV official or state trooper in the passengers seat, grading you on how well you perform tasks and certain points during driving as well as your knowledge of when to execute these tasks.

Passing the Tests and Getting Your License

Upon completion of testing you will be informed immediately of your grade, the computer can usually show you your test results after the written exam and you cannot move onto the road skills test until you successfully pass the written exam. The official who rode with you will usually inform you of passing or failing at the end of the test, but they may be required to wait until tallying your official score separately inside the facility. When you have passed the will approve your application, take a full frontal photo of you from the shoulders up to be featured on your license and will end your visit with a paper print out of your license that is valid for use until your official license is mailed out to you.

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