Georgia Learner’s Permit Road Rules Exam

by Joshua on June 04, 2014

Most people who are applying for a Learner’s Permit in Georgia must pass 2 knowledge tests. One is a test on road signs and the other a test on road rules. These tests are not designed to make you fail, but to make sure that you have obtained the correct knowledge to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Georgia both safely and within the law.

All of the information you need to pass both tests can be found in the Georgia Driver’s Manual. You can find printed, hard copies of the manual at any Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) building or you can view it, in PDF format, online by clicking here.

The entire manual is also available in an interactive digital format, which can be found here.

How To Take The Tests

The first thing you need to know about obtaining a Georgia Learner’s Permit is that you must be at least of the age of 15. Secondly, you have to complete the following five steps, in person, at a DDS Center.

1. Fill out an application form, which can be found at any Georgia DDS Customer Service Center.

  • It must be signed by a parent, guardian or a driver’s education instructor with the proper credentials.

2. You must complete a Certificate of Attendance, high school diploma or GED.

  • The Certificate of Attendance cannot be more than 30 days old.
  • The Certificate of Attendance can be found here

3. Provide proof of identity

  • This includes a passport or a US birth certificate.

4. Provide verification of Social Security number

  • A valid Social Security card or W-2 with your name and all or a partial Social Security number on it.

5. Provide 2 documents that prove your Georgia residency.

  • Report card from school or Certificate of Attendance.
  • Bank statements

What Will Be On the Road Signs Exam?

This test is pretty self-explanatory as it will consist of showing you examples of road signs, including, but not limited to, railroad crossings, various warning signs and speed advisory signs. The best way to study for this is to simply memorize the signs and their meanings, all of which can be found in the Driver’s Manual.

What Will Be On the Road Rules Exam?

This is the test that generally makes people a little nervous. It’s not as easy as your basic memorization test, like the road sign exam. It involves much more reading and overall comprehension. It is designed to confirm your knowledge of driver responsibility, laws and overall driving safety.

It is a multiple choice test, and there are several practice tests available online, including here.

It is best to study the information in Driver’s Manual carefully. While much of the information will seem like “common sense”, much of it will also be a little more detailed and difficult. It is important to take as many practice tests as possible prior to taking the actual test.

Practice Test Example Questions:

Here are some examples of questions that might appear on your Learner’s Permit exams:

1. How far must you stop from the nearest rail of a railroad crossing?.

a. Under 50 feet, but more than 15 feet
b. Under 15 feet, but more than 5 feet
c. Under 50 feet, but more than 7 feet
d. Under 15 feet, but more than 10 feet

2. Your headlights must be on

a. Half an our after sunset and half an hour prior to sunrise
b An hour after sunset and an hour prior to sunrise
c. Two hours after sunset and two hours prior to sunrise
d. 45 minutes after sunset and 45 minutes prior to sunrise

3. If you have a sudden tire blow-out, you should

a. Press harder on the accelerator
b. Slam on the breaks
c. Get to the shoulder of the road as soon as safely possible
d. Firmly grasp the steering wheel.

4. When the yellow lights are flashing in a school zone, what speed limit should you be going?

a. 35 MPH
b. 30 MPH
c. 20 MPH
d. 5 MPH

5. If you are driving behind a motorcycle and decide to pass, you should

a. Speed up as much as safely possible, get in the right lane and continue accelerating until it is safe to get back into the right lane.
b. Blow your horn to warn the motorcyclist to move over and let you by.
c. Be entirely in the left lane both before and during the pass.

6. To remain alert during periods of highway hypnosis or fatigue, you should

a. drink coffee
b. turn the radio up
c. close your eyes for a few seconds
d. exercise your eyes

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