FREE Georgia DMV Permit Practice Test 2014

by Joshua on March 07, 2014

If you are studying for Georgia DMV Permit practice test, then you can get ample number of resources online as well as the study manual from Georgia DMV. You can get the official GA government car handbook which is identical to the Georgia Department of Driver Services and check out the practice tests from there. Most of the questions are much similar to the samples given in the handbook. These practice tests are contemporary study tools that can guide you to clear the exam with good grades.

Georgia DMV

DMV is an organization which takes care of providing all the support you need to get till you receive your driving license for various vehicles. This organization sets traffic and driving test rules as per the Federal law. DMV also provides excellent services like distributing forms and pamphlets for the customers for various services. They also take eye examination and head shot photos for the candidates wanting to avail driver’s license. Other services like address change, license renewal, legal documents collection and verification are some of the other services which they happily do for the candidates. You can visit Georgia DMV to know more about the free Georgia DMV permit practice test 2014.


  • Candidates above 15 years of are eligible to apply for the test. Make sure you get the application form signed by a parent or a guardian who is above 21 years of age.
  • If you are a US Citizen or a resident or even show your legal presence, then you should be eligible to apply for the written test.
  • You should be capable of paying the test fee without fail
  • Make sure you clear your eye test as this is a very important criteria for passing the test.
  • You can practice driving of Class C vehicle as long as you have another passenger of 21 years of age or above is also eligible to operate the same vehicle is stilling and belted in the passenger seat.
  • You need to get a notarized Certificate of Attendance form from your school because Georgia state is very strict about this rule since they do not allow minors who have more number of unexcused absence in their classes for that particular semester. They should not even have any infractions from their school. Even if the students have permits but do not satisfy the attendance condition, then they have to surrender their license back to DMV.

About the Permit Practice test 2014

This year the question patterns as well as the questions have been slightly revised by the Georgia DMV. The quiz consists of 20 questions which have backward navigation and you can revisit the question to fix the correct answer. At least 15 questions should be answered correctly. There are no negative marks for attempting the questions wrongly. Hence, do not hesitate from answering all the questions, who knows your guess might click correctly. The test has unlimited attempts and the student will have to score a minimum of 75% grade in order to clear the test. However, each time you appear for the test you should be able to pay the fees to re-appear for the test. There is a 7 business day’s gap before you appear for the test again. Make sure that you commence the test at least half an hour before the Customer Service closes the following day.

The Driver’s manual has all the details about the test with sample questions that are much similar to the real exam. Familiarize yourself with the road rules in Georgia, driving laws, road signs etc, for which you will be tested during the test.

Sample Questions for Free Georgia DMV Permit Practice Test 2014

1.Partial hydro plating in a passenger car can being at a speed of :

a) 45 mph
b) 55 mph
c) 65 mph
d) 35 mph

2. What is the distance you must stop from the nearest rail of railroad crossing signal when lights are flashing?

a) Within 15 ft and not less than 10 ft
b) Within 15 ft and not less than 5 ft
c) Within 50 ft and not less than 15 ft
d) Within 50 ft and not less than 7 ft

3. Triangular sign represents

a) High occupancy vehicle
b) Fast moving vehicle
c) School bus
d) Slow moving vehicle

4. What does letters ‘RR’ on the pavement mean?

a) Road repair zone
b) Curve on the right
c) Closed road
d) Railroad crossing

5. When you are turning from one way street to a two way street or a divided street, you should always turn from –

a) The left lane
b) Right lane
c) The lane near to the curb
d) The lane which is farthest to the curb

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