FREE Arizona Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2014

by Joshua on March 21, 2014

Arizona DMV has changed the Motorcycle Permit test this year in terms of the test pattern as well as the actual questions in order to make the tests more competitive to the new candidates applying for the motorcycle driver’s license. However, it has the same eligibility criteria, which will not even change in the near future. You can get the official information about the exam, pattern and other details by visiting Arizona DMV official website. The DMV site also provides FAQ, sample papers in the handbook in order to help the aspiring license applicants to get a good hook of the question paper pattern.

Arizona DMV

Like any other state DMVs, Arizona DMV also is a private organization which serves the public in getting your driver’s license from the scratch. They also provide other services like renewing your expired license, address changes, distributing application forms, taking your head shot photos for the Driver’s license ID card, collecting various service fees, issuing application forms, collecting legal documents and verifying your legal presence, conduct both written test as well as behind the wheel driving test for the candidates before issuing them their Driver’s license. You can visit their official site to know more details and services provided by them.

Eligibility Criteria

This part of the criteria hasn’t been revised by the Arizona DMV this year. Hence, those who know the eligibility criteria are in a pretty good shape.

  • The candidate should be a minimum of 16 years before they could even apply for the permit test at one of the Arizona DMV centers. Make sure you carry appropriate documents showing your correct age. You need to attach this copy along with your application.
  • There is no age limitation, so you can feel free to complete and pass the motorcycle rider course conducted by DMV. You can also attend the instructor led course privately if need be. You will have to clear this and show the certification you have got in order to attend the written test.
  • Before applying for a motorcycle driver’s license, you should have a valid Class E Driver’s license.
  • Submit valid documentation and proof that you are a legal resident in the United States of America. Documents like Passport, address proof, Arizona State issued ID, or Green card proof or visa status showing that you are legally residing in US. Besides this, you need to also make sure that you should submit your Social security details. If you are below 21 years of age, then you need to submit a form signed by your parents or guardian to show their consent of you applying for a driver’s license.

About Arizona Motorcycle Permit Practice test for the year 2014 has been helping the new and aspiring drivers since decades. This practice permit test requires that every candidate needs to score a minimum of 70% correctly in order to clear the exam. Though many of you may fail your permit test for a couple of times initially, with constant practice and perseverance, you should definitely be able to clear the test with flying colors. If you take the practice tests, you will definitely have better chances of passing the test at the very first attempt. You have an option of either collecting the free motorcycle permit practice test papers or buy some of them from either DMV or any other sites selling them. You can also purchase sample questions costing $9.95 and a set of free tests which is the limited version of the paid ones. lists sample questions suitable for you in order to clear your motorcycle permit test in 2014.

Sample Questions for Free Arizona DMV Permit Practice Test 2014

This article lists down some of the latest questions that might come in the Arizona Motorcycle permit test. The questions may not be exactly the same; however, you might consider these as baseline.

1. What is the angle you need to drive within your lane while crossing the tracks?

a) 45 degrees
b) Straight
c) 20 degree
d) Leaning to a side

2. High beam motorcycle lights need to be used when _____________ a vehicle.

a) Meeting
b) Following
c) Not meeting or following
d) All of these

3. What should you do when an object suddenly appears in front of your motorcycle

a) Lean your motorcycle
b) Apply front brakes
c) Swerve and apply brakes
d) Swerve around the object

4. What should you do if one of your motorcycle tires go flat?

a) Increase speed
b) Hold handgrips firmly
c) Apply brakes quickly
d) Change direction

5. The minimum safe following distance to maintain behind the vehicle ahead is -

a) 4 sec
b) 2 sec
c) 3 sec
d) 1 sec

  1. Answers:

1. (b)
2. ©
3. (d)
4. (b)
5. (b)

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