Find the Best Learning Style for You

Did you know there are three learning styles? Studying in a way that works best for your individual learning style will help you to learn most effectively and efficiently. The three main learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Read the below style descriptions. Chances are, you’ll find yourself saying “oh, yeah, that’s me!” to the one that fits you most.

Style Descriptions

The Bepko Learning Center from Indiana University and Purdue University provides the following as easy-to-understand descriptions of the three basic learning styles.


• Uses visual objects such as graphs, charts, pictures, and seeing information
• Can read body language well and has a good perception of aesthetics
• Able to memorize and recall various information
• Tends to remember things that are written down
• Learns better in lectures by watching them


• Retains information through hearing and speaking
• Often prefers to be told how to do things and then summarizes the main points out loud to help with memorization
• Notices different aspects of speaking
• Often has talents in music and may concentrate better with soft music playing in the background


• Likes to use the hands-on approach to learn new material
• Is generally good in math and science
• Would rather demonstrate how to do something rather than verbally explain it
• Usually prefers group work more than others

How to make it work for you when studying for the DMV written test.

And yes, you do need to study for the DMV written test. Nationally, the fail rate hovers around 60-70%, and in some states, like California, it’s as low as 45%. For a more comprehensive test, like the CDL, pass rates are not published but it is most certainly worse.

The reality is many laws are not intuitive, especially specifics on laws and safe driving guidelines, such as fines and recommended distance before turning on a turn signal. To further complicate matters, laws and specific guidelines vary by state. To pass a test on these non-intuitive specifics, one must study.


*Take repetitive, interactive online practice tests with a specific focus on the questions you miss
*Write down specific material and points you need to remember
*Highlight or comment in margins of the paper manual as reading it


*Play music softly in the background when reading the manual and when taking online practice tests
*Read manual aloud
*Read online practice test aloud as taking it


*Ask a friend to pick up the manual and ask you questions from it
*Take interactive online practice tests while learning the material

Many online companies have been formed to provide an in-depth study guide for preparing for these tests. Examples of such companies include But, taking the material they offer and using it in a way that works with your learning style will make learning feel easy and will ultimately lead to passing the test on your first attempt.


Just Released: 45% Pass/Fail Rate on CA DMV Written Test

New 50 Question FL DMV Test Yields 80% Failure Rate

Bottom Line: Immigrant Drivers Need To Study

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