DMV Laws For Minors

by Joshua on January 29, 2014

Are you and your teenager aware of the DMV laws for minors? As the numbers of car crashes are increasing day by day, it is very essential that minors as well as their parents should be aware of how things are to be handled in order to minimize this hassle. Researches have quoted around 43% car accidents in minors occur because of the lack of knowledge about the DMV laws. Hence, it is quintessential and the need of the hour that one must thoroughly know and understand the DMV laws for the minor citizens.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Department of Motor Vehicles also abbreviated as DMV, is a private organization which is striving hard to provide public services very efficiently. DMV provides various services including but not limited to conducting exams like written tests, behind the wheel driving tests, take photographs of the candidates, issue ID card, verify legal presence of the candidates, address change, issuing pamphlets for making aware of DMV rules, traffic rules, etc., to the public, especially minors in this case. They also provide the DMV manual guide which helps people to study and prepare for the written test that DMV conducts in order to make everyone aware of the test pattern and the type of questions.


If you are an aspiring minor willing to obtain a driver’s license, then you should be at least 16 years of age. Also, the below requirements need to be satisfied in order to get a driver’s license.

  • You must be able to display the proof of your driver’s course completion certificate.
  • You should be having a valid instruction permit eligible for at least 6 months.
  • If you are minor, then you should strictly be taking your parents’ signature on your instruction permit. This should appropriately indicate that you have completed a minimum of 50 hours of driving under supervised person out of which at least 10 hours are driving during the night hours.
  • Later, just make an appointment for the behind the wheels road test and you should also be able to clear your written test prior to this and clear behind the wheels’ test without making the number of mistakes specified.

You can visit here and check all the details and requirements needed for applying a driver’s license to a minor.

DMV rule for minors

DMV has designed the information page specifically for the teenagers and their parents. The DMV is trying to promote the rules of the road, traffic signal education, and develop a sense of safe driving amongst the youngsters. In addition to all these, DMV also tends to help the minor aspirants with tips, help and resources needed for minors to learn more about DMV rules, traffic signals, road rules and techniques of driving safely.

Laws for the minor drivers

Now that we have seen what are the requirements for a minor to obtain a driver’s license, we shall now get to know what laws are applicable and what are the restrictions imposed for minor driver’s license. The following are laws for minor drivers.

  1. Minor permit restrictions are as below
  • License or permit is invalid until the minor begins his or her driver training.
  • You should have a trainer seated with you and your instructor needs to sign to validate it.
  • You must be practicing your driving with a parent, guardian, driver, instructor or sibling who possesses valid driver’s license and are not convicted by any law. The person should be sitting in the passenger seat to provide you guidance and take control of your car when necessary.
  • If a minor has a provisional permit, then you cannot drive alone even if DMV wants to take your test.
  1. Exceptions induced in the minor driving license restrictions

The law however allows these exceptions when reasonable transportation is not available and is necessary for driving. Minors should posses a signed note of the beginning and end of the driving necessity date and below exceptions are applicable for the same.

  • Medical needs to drive when other transportations are inadequate. The request note should be provided by the doctors or one who diagnoses the problem and need for this kind of driving situation. They should also mention the probable date of recovery in order to make sure that the minor will stop driving beyond the mentioned date.
  • If there is anything authorized by the school for its purpose.
  • Other than these, if there is an immediate necessity to help other family members or neighbors drive under the emergency situations like health reasons, then a note signed by that adult should be sufficient to permit you to drive.

Besides these laws, the out of state minor applicants should also follow the application requirements and must have their parents’ consent on the Driver license or ID application form. Even though a minor already possesses an out of state driver’s license, they are still asked to attend the knowledge exam as part of the process. However, you can get a waiver for the behind the wheels driving test, which is a great advantage for the minor applicants.

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