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by Joshua on February 05, 2014

CDL is a short form of Commercial Driver’s License is a driver’s license for a person who wishes to become a truck or bus driver. If a person wants to become a commercial driver, then CDL provides a great opportunity. If you are an aspiring driver who wishes to become a commercial driver, then it is essential to apply for a CDL driver’s license with specific endorsements. Contact your DMV for more information on the necessary endorsement requirements based on what vehicle you are planning to drive and take relevant steps as suggested.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Department of Motor Vehicles, most commonly called DMV is located in all the states with a couple of them in each county. DMV is a private organization handling all kinds of licenses both personal, commercial, motorcycle and others. Besides this, they provide other services such as distributing application forms, collecting fees, verifying your legal papers, conducting eye examination for aspiring license applicants, address change, distributing pamphlets, DMV handbooks, conducting instructional classes for new drivers, holding behind the wheel driving test, and many others. The DMV is very strict in conducting written test as well as road test. They make sure that every candidate is well aware of all the traffic rules, safe driving rules and road safety rules. DMV strives hard to make the examination and license granting process very smooth. You can collect more information about DMV here. Make sure you select the appropriate state you want the information about.

Who needs to take the air brakes test?

Commercial drivers with a Class A and Class B commercial driver’s license will need to take the air brakes test because these are the 2 class vehicles which are equipped with the air brakes. However, these Class A and Class B vehicle drivers are automatically endorsed with ‘L’ CDL restriction. This means that the drivers are legally restricted from driving a commercial vehicle with air brakes.

Also, the ‘K’ type restriction says that the Commercial Vehicle driver is not supposed to operate vehicle with Air over hydraulic brakes or full air brakes. If a commercial driver plans to drive either of these two types of vehicles, then he or she should be ready to take the air brakes test mandatorily. Besides writing a written test for air brakes, the candidate should also be willing to take the road test with vehicle equipped with the air brakes.

In case the CDL driver is endorsed with a ‘Z’ restriction, then he or she is not allowed to operate a vehicle with Full Air brakes. If you are planning on taking the air brakes knowledge test (written) and air brakes road test for a vehicle well equipped with the air over hydraulic brakes, then you will not be eligible to operate the vehicle equipped with full air brakes.

Know about the air brakes restrictions here

Why is this restriction endorsed for a commercial driver?

The restriction is endorsed on a commercial driver if he or she fails in the air brake competency test or goes for the road driving test with a commercial vehicle which is not equipped with an air brake in the vehicle.

Removal of Air Brake Restriction

This kind of air brake restriction will restrict the CDL drivers from operating any vehicle that is not equipped with the air brakes. It is very essential to have the air brakes restrictions removed if you are intending to operate any commercial motor vehicle. Here are certain conditions or requirements one needs to satisfy in order to remove the air brake restrictions. The candidate should be physically present when trying to request this at the DMV.

  • The candidate should be able to present a medical waiver or exemption or a valid medical examiner’s certificate when asked for.
  • You should have some kind of legally approved identity such as a passport which will show your full name appropriately.
  • Present appropriate proof that you are legally present in the United States, date of birth and identity. You should present legal documents such as your Passport, Green card or any other proof.
  • Make sure you provide your Social Security Number (SSN) on the application when asked.
  • The candidate should be able to pass the vision test.
  • DMV helps in taking your photograph and collects your fees for the air brakes removal application.
  • It is also essential to pass the Air brakes knowledge test. You can get ample number of sample questions and answers online if you are planning to take the Air brakes knowledge test. DMV handbook also provides a few sample questions to introduce you to their test format.

The candidate should be able to pass the driving test. He will be inspected for traffic signals, basic control skills and driving skills of commercial vehicle with air brakes equipped in the vehicle.

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