Applying for a Utah CDL - Endorsement X (Tanker and Haz Mat) License

by Joshua on August 05, 2014

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a license that allows you to operate commercial vehicles to transport goods throughout a multiplicity of areas. With a CDL you will have the opportunity to transport a variety of cargo as long as you complete the necessary requirements and pass the required knowledge and skills tests. If you’re looking to transport specific types of cargo (such as hazardous materials, passengers in the excess of 16), then you will need to apply for and complete the requirements for the necessary endorsement. Endorsements are additional certification tests that you must complete in order for you to transport specific types of cargo that need a more detailed and rigorous process to insure safety. In order to get both you’ll need to go through the Driver’s License Division of the Utah Department of Public Safety.

Requirements for a Utah CDL

First off, if you’re interested in applying for an endorsement X with your CDL, then you will need to apply for the class C of a CDL. At a Utah Driver’s License office you will need to present a valid driver’s license with at least one year of driving experience, a valid Social Security Card, proof of your Utah residence, and a DOT medical card*.After you’ve presented all of these documents to the Driver’s License office, submitted the application, and paid all of the appropriate fees, then you can begin to study for your written knowledge test.

Regardless of the CDL that you are applying for, all CDL applicants are required to take a general knowledge test. There are other tests that you will need to take as an applicant for an endorsement X, which will be explained in the section below. After you’ve passed the necessary written knowledge tests, then you can receive your learner’s permit that will legally authorize you to begin practicing in the vehicle for which you are applying for a license. Once you’ve received your Utah Commercial Driver Instruction Permit (CDIP), you will need to give the office your current driver’s license. The CDIP does authorize you to still drive your normal vehicle though.

When you think that you have practiced an adequate amount with your CDIP, then you can take the skills test, which will test you in several areas of driving and maintaining a commercial vehicle. The first part of the test will consist of a pre-departure inspection of your vehicle—this is meant to verify that you know what issues to look for before a long departure. Then you will move on to the basic vehicle control portion of the test. From there you will be tested on on-road driving skills to insure your capabilities as a commercial vehicle driver. Upon successful completion of this road skills test, you will be issued your CDL license and you will be a certified commercial vehicle driver in the state of Utah .

*NOTE: You need to have your DOT medical card in order to even begin the process of applying for a CDL in Utah so make sure to go through this process beforehand!

Endorsement X

This endorsement is particularly unique in that it combines the certifications that endorsements N and H give you: with an endorsement X you are certified to operate a tank vehicle over 1,000 gallons and you are certified to operate a vehicle transporting hazardous material. Since this endorsement certifies you to utilize tank vehicles and transport hazardous material needing placards, the requirements are more stringent than the other endorsements. In order to gain this endorsement, you will need to fulfill the requirements for both endorsements N and H in addition to passing a background test conducted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

To satisfy the requirements for endorsement N you will need to study for and pass a 20 question written knowledge test on the intricacies of operating a tank vehicle. To satisfy the requirements for endorsement H you will need to also pass a 30 question written knowledge test and take a driving skills test. Any driver seeking to acquire a hazardous materials endorsement needs to undergo a background check, as required by the TSA and the US Department of Transportation. On top of that, every 5 years you will need to undergo another check by the TSA when renewing your CDL.


Though obtaining your CDL is not an expensive process, it still has its fair share of fees that you will need to pay. The following fees are the ones that you can expect to pay in order to obtain your CDL and your endorsement X:

  • General knowledge written test will run you $40 and if you need to do a retake then that will cost $20.
  • Driving skills tests: cost $60 and retakes will run you $40
    *Endorsement X test: cost $7 and any retakes will also cost $7
  • Intrastate medical fee: $25

Ultimately, having this endorsement will open up plenty of opportunities for you as a worker in the transportation industry because you will be certified to work with two extra elements of trucking. Any additional information that you think you may need can be found through the following link to the Utah Driver’s License Division handbook.

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