Applying Connecticut CDL - Endorsement T (Doubles and Triples) License

by Joshua on August 01, 2014

An endorsement is essentially an additional certification that you can add on to your general Commercial Driver’s License. While a normal CDL authorizes the user to operate certain commercial vehicles, it does not authorize him to operate all commercial vehicles under all conditions. This is where the endorsements make a significant difference. There are certain endorsements that certify you to transport hazardous materials (endorsement H ) and others that certify you to transport many passengers at once (endorsement P ). The one of interest here is endorsement T that authorizes you to operate doubles/triples commercial vehicles. What this means is that you will be certified to drive a vehicle that is towing more than one trailer.

Endorsements are beneficial because they make you a more valuable asset to any company that is looking to hire someone new. You become more marketable as the skills that you have are now certified through the endorsement tests that you passed. For this reason, it’s in your best interests to apply for and earn an endorsement!

Preliminary Steps to Getting Your CDL Endorsement T

You will need to provide several preliminary documents to be able to apply for your CDL: a valid and current CT driver’s license, a Social Security Card, a printed confirmation notice of self-certification through the DMV, and verification of a recent physical examination (DMV form R-323). All of these will be in addition to completing the DMV Form R-229a which is the Application for Commercial Driver’s License in the state of Connecticut.

  1. Testing

Upon completion of this application, you will be eligible to take the knowledge exam that is for all CDL applicants. The general knowledge test is made up of 30 questions total and a passing score is 24 questions answered correctly or more. Furthermore, if you decide to pursue the endorsement T, then you will need to take the exam specifically for that endorsement. Study as much as possible because if you fail— then you will need to wait a full calendar day before you can retake the test and you will have to complete and resubmit an entirely new Application for Commercial Driver’s License (DMV Form R-229a).

After passing the general exam and the endorsement T exam, then you will be issued your CDL instructional permit. This permit is meant for you to practice driving the vehicle for which you are applying for a license. You will need to practice with a professional who has the proper certification for the vehicle you are attempting to be licensed in. Make sure that you have received an adequate amount of practice before you move on to the road skills test because if you fail, then you will need to wait an additional day and pay for the retest. Take your time as the CDIP is valid for 6 months so use that time wisely to practice as much as possible with your instructor.

When you think that you are ready to pass your CDL test, then schedule an appointment with the DMV of Connecticut to take your road skills test. This test will test you on your readiness to inspect and operate a commercial vehicle. On the day of your exam, bring the following materials: your CT driver’s license, your CDIP, the validated copy of the Application for Commercial Driver’s License, and the letter that you received in the mail which confirms your appointment. This test is the last step before you obtain your CDL in Connecticut so once you pass, you will be issued your CDL.

Paying for your CDL

Here comes the not so fun part: paying the appropriate fees to get your CDL! However, these fees are not expensive and will not break the bank. The two tests that you will take to get your CDL will both need to be paid for and their prices are as follows: the general knowledge test costs $16 and the driving skills test costs $30. If you decide to go on with the endorsement T, then you will need to pay $5 for the test and any additional endorsement that you may decide to pursue. Once you have passed your knowledge test, then you will need to pay $10 for your instructional permit to be issued.The first time that you are issued your CDL, you will need to pay either $70 for a license valid for 3.5 years or $87.50 for a license valid for 5 years. Keep in mind that these are just the official costs that you will need to pay to the Department of Motor Vehicles of the State of Connecticut and you will most likely have to pay more for truck driving school. These schools can typically run several thousand dollars. Although these schools can cost thousands of dollars, the overall investment in a CDL is absolutely worth it as the career possibilities abound and there is no shortage of available work.

**If you think that you need more information on CDLs in Connecticut, then visit the official website of the Department of Motor Vehicles of CT.

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