Are you studying for the California DMV Written Test?

Did you know that the California handbook is almost 100 pages long!?

Are you prepared to memorize dozens of little facts without a clue about which ones are important?

Did you know that the tests are now written to "trick" most people with little gotchas and questions you never thought they would ask?

How angry and embarassed will you feel if you fail?

Cheat Sheet Sample

Introducing the California DMV Cheat Sheet Study Guide - 4 Pages of Bliss!

It's true, most people go into the test without studying hoping that "common sense" will help them pass. Most people's attitude is:

"I've been driving for years and these questions are easy, I don't need to study!"

This is all well and good until you are faced with random questions about the amount of time spent in jail for your second DUI conviction or the correct speed and procedure when driving behind a farm vehicle on a rural road (both real questions by-the-way).

But there is a better way. We have spent hundreds of hours reviewing handbooks and former tests to compile what we feel to be the most important questions and answers likely to be asked by the California DMV into a 3-4 page study guide! While there is no substitue for actually reading the entire handbook, out of the tens of thousands of DMV Cheat Sheets we have sold, less than one percent have ever asked for their money back. The rest read it, easily passed their test and hit the road!

We are so sure that our California DMV Cheat Sheet will help you pass, we will back it with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't pass your test, we'll give you your money back. It's that simple!

  • Steps to getting your license
  • What to bring to the DMV
  • Requirements for getting your license
  • DMV Fees
  • 50 Essential Question & Answer study guide questions
  • Traffic signs & signals you MUST know!
  • Website and Phone for your state's DMV if you have questions
  • View on your computer, tablet and now mobile phone!
  • We guarantee you will pass or your money back!
All this in just FOUR pages!
Driving Test Secrets

Aren't There FREE Resources Online?

Excellent question and we invite you to look. In fact, we started these guides because we couldn't find anything trustworthy and reputable online. Type in California DMV cheat sheet or test" into Google and you will find more people looking for study guides than actually publishing questions.

A word of caution - even if you do find a "study guide" online for free, make sure you can trust the questions and answers. We have found the odd few where the answers were just dead wrong or outdated.

What About All Those Other Online DMV Courses?

If you have found our guides you have no doubt seen other online DMV courses promising you the world to help you pass your test. We definitely want you to go check out what they have to offer since we know you will come running back! Most of the other sites offer "courses" for at least $24.95 PER MONTH. That's right, their courses are time-limited. You buy their course and can access it for a number of months before you need to buy it again. Also, who has time for an entire course!? I don't know about you but I would prefer to just get in and out of the DMV with the least amount of time spent, not sit at home for hours studying. If I wanted to do that I would just memorize the entire manual!

Doesn't Going To The DMV Just Make You Cringe!

Going to the DMV to get your driver's license is pretty much everyone's least favorite activity, right up there next to root canal. Ask most people why and they will tell you what a major inconvenience it is. The dirty little secret is, however, that most people get annoyed because THEY didn't know everything they needed to know.

But there is no need to worry with your DMV Cheat Sheet at hand. In addition to the 50 proven questions and answers to help you pass your test, we also tell you exactly what you need to bring, how much it costs and where to find the closest location to you to take your test.


"Dear DMVCheatSheets,

I have to thank you for your study guide. I originally purchased the guide because I didn't really have time to read the book the DMV gives you. Your guide took me only 10 minutes to read and I passed my test on the first try!

Also, thank you for the information on what to bring. I looked everywhere on the DMV's website for that information but could never find it in their maze of pages. I can't tell you how nice it was to be out of the DMV within a half an hour with my new license!"



Can I see a sample of the guide before I decide if I want it?

No problem. Just like our money back guarantee we want you to be happy. Click on any of the images below to see samples of the different pages for our guides. These are just samples so you won't be able to use them for your test, but hopefully you can see the value of what we are offering.

Sample California DMV Written Test
Sample California DMV Written Test
Sample California DMV Written Test
Sample California DMV Written Test

Ok I Want It, How Much Does It Cost?

We wanted to make our guides simple and extremely affordable, which is why they are priced at only $9.95. This isn't a monthly or ongoing fee, you just buy it once, pass your test, and hit the road!

Click here to get the California DMV Cheat Sheet Now!

Includes 100% Money Back Guarantee*
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Are People Really Buying These And Is It Safe?

Yes and Yes! Over the last month alone we have sold over 3,000 DMV Cheat Sheets to people just like you. As for safety, all transactions are secured with a $10,000 bond from Comodo and encrypted with 128-bit SSL. We also NEVER store your credit card information making the transaction even more secure.